Book 10 The Alternative Historian: [Mark]

“Knowledge of the future is a thing of the Past.”

Remember the cave man in that children’s book you read? The one with the big club, the scruffy beard and the animal skin clothing? Did you know he calculated the value of pi to 10 decimal places? Measured the peturbations of the Moon to an accuracy of one arc second? Mapped the entire planet? Knew exactly where Mt Everest is? Measured the precession of the earth’s axis? The stereotype ‘ancient man’ vision is so badly wrong it is laughable. As Plato said “The ancients were wiser than us”. The truth of this is willfully suppressed by academics who are immersed in the bogus concept of linear history i.e. from ‘dumb then’ to ‘smart now’. The evidence is compelling, but you will not hear it at school or university, you will only hear it from the alternative historian.


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