Book 12 Media Worker: [Fraser]

Probably got a “foot in the door” through a parent’s “contacts” in telly and currently brown-nosing my way up the ladder, from cushy job to cushy job, through the pay grades without having to acquire any actual skills or knowledge to progress in my career. Or a skilled technician who cares about standards trying to make a living in an uncertain world of reckless cuts and ruthless competition? A passionate socialist trying to reconcile his ideals with a workplace notorious for inflated egos and nepotism?

Thousands of young people are attracted to a handful of jobs in an industry which is rife with exploitation and which habitually places undue stress on junior members of its workforce. Why do they put themselves through it? Lord knows there are easier ways to make a living. Are they seeking to be a part of the magic of the movies? In a Britain with a diminished manufacturing industry, maybe they yearn for a job that involves making something? Or do they just want to see their name in lights?


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