Book 14 Vegan Social Worker: [David]

We are seen as the baby snatchers by the general public. If the child is left we get pillored, shafted and lose our licence to practice. We often adopt the draconian position insomuch as if the kids show the merest hint of a graze enter and haul them out!

What it is really like to be a vegan social worker on the front line?…

As a vegan and also a social worker I am surrounded by enlightened colleagues some of whom gaily whisk young people off to the golden arches whereas I wouldn’t feed that shit to my cat, let alone kids in care, many of which who have a weight problem. This is seen by other workers as a special treat for the kids.

I am truly surprised that there are not a 100+ baby P’s per week given the shit conditions of many of the drug/alcohol fueled households that nobody visits or know about…what the press herald I know is the tip of the iceberg, especially with new changes a foot with cut backs in the public sector.


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One Response to Book 14 Vegan Social Worker: [David]

  1. Shay says:

    Pleased to see another vegan social worker out there!!!

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