Book 17 Climate Campaigner: [Rhiannon]

I marched, I cried, I dedicated a whole year of my life to doing nothing but campaigning in the run up to what some billed as the most important meeting in human history – the UN Copenhagen Climate Summit. I believe that climate change is the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. (Yes, bigger than all the other apocalypses we’ve faced over the centuries).  I don’t think we’re necessarily doomed, but I’m afraid to say my solutions are typically lefty and may make me sound like a naive hippy. But it seems obvious to me that our selfish irresponsible, capitalist, society is to blame for the way we’re destroying our environment and only by moving on from that system can we stop destroying the planet we should be protecting.

I’m also a vegetarian, cycling obsessive, and I’ll look at you with disdain if you talk about McDonalds (whilst I eat my organic lentil soup). Of course I’m white, middle class and well educated (like all the other climate campaigners). But doesn’t that freedom make it even more important that I fight this cause?

If you start telling me why it’s essential you keep taking those short haul flights I’ll just ask you to explain your need to justify yourself to me.  Just by having got off my arse to do something do I perhaps make you feel guilty for not taking any action when really, you know it would be quite easy to do much much more?

Oh no sorry, you don’t feel guilty because what difference could one person make anyway? Well if you’re interested in thinking beyond that disproven cliche,  you may find some helpful advice in the book that’s not interested in not caring about these issues.


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