Book 19 The Dyke Alternative: [Tori]

Dykes, lesbians…whatever you want to call them…all look like men. They’re too ugly to get a man and that’s why they turn to each other. And the occasional pretty ones are just kidding themselves. They’re not really lesbians. It’s just a phase. They just get off with each other to get guys going in clubs. I mean how can a woman be satisfied with another woman – they just haven’t met the right man yet! Maybe someone should teach them a lesson.

And as for Goths … blood drinking devil worshippers dressed in black all the time, obsessed with death, never crack a smile – you never see them happy do you? Why can’t they just look normal instead of covered in tattooes and chunks of metal coming from every body part? I reckon it’s just attention seeking. Who would want to employ one of those freaks… unless you wanted to scare away people from your workplace.


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