Book 2 Female computer geek: [Laura]

Glasses, greasy/straggly hair, acne, obsessed with computers, single, and weird. Why would a girl ever want to be a geek? No bloke would want to go out with her if she didn’t do her hair properly, had no fashion-sense, wore thick, style-free glasses, and talked about computers all the time.

So do girl geeks even exist? If they do, are they completely devoid of fashion-sense and social skills, or do they insist on being ultra-girlie, using pink laptops and wearing pink glasses to prove that they’re still feminine after all? And if they do exist, are girl geeks really as clever as boy geeks?

Even Sandra Bullock in The Net was single and a recluse, spending time only with her computers and her virtual friends. Of course, there is the impossibly cool and sexy terrorist/hacker in Die Hard 4 who kicks ass, though you’re unlikely to meet her in the street.

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