Book 20 Drugs & Trafficking & Aids worker in Nepal: [Gill]

Dirty, junkie scum and wasters… Their choice… They bring it all on themselves… the problems… And as for those who have become infected with HIV, well that’s self-inflicted too. Not a wonder they are living in poverty when they are using drugs. Domestic abuse and sexual violence is commonplace in Nepal – Those women probably deserve a good slap or three… Suicide the biggest cause of death in women aged: 15 to 49 – Perhaps they are better off dead and at least won’t be bringing more pitiful kids into the world… Perhaps we should sterilise them all?

The status of Women with Drug Problems and those living with HIV, along with Sex Work & Trafficking – in a Nepalese / Indian (& UK)

I work for Dristi Nepal, an organisation led by ex-female drug users and for female drug users; Women in Nepal suffer from having very low-socio-economic status and are widely discriminated against and marginalised within their communities. Nepal is the 14th poorest country in the world. There is an alarming increase in substance misuse within this population, whilst girls & young women are frequently trafficked across the Indian Border whereupon they are forced to work in the commercial sex industry and other bonded slavery.

The War on Drugs has failed! I work to a model of harm reduction and wish to empower people to take control over their lives and to improve self-efficacy.


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