Book 22 Entomologist: [Moya]

When you say you are an entomologist you receive either one of two reactions: laughter or disgust. Entomologists are irrelevant geeks, and/or their work is repulsive – fancy working with insects! The typical mental image that most people conjure up for an entomologist is of an elderly upper-class gentleman, with a sweep net, chasing butterflies to be pinned and placed proudly in a collection. Entomologists as socially awkward, obsessed individuals hiding away amongst collections of dead insects.

Whilst many people squirm with disgust at the thought of insects they forget that insects pollinate our crops, clean our water and nourish our soil; without them all ecosystems would simply collapse. Furthermore, despite the fact that insects represent the bulk of all species on earth and are being wiped out at greater rates than any other group, they receive a fraction of the attention. No-one sponsors an insect to save it from extinction.


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