Book 43 Artistic spasser: [Helen]

Hello I have suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for 17 years. It took 10 years for me to get help from a specialist team to manage my illness, I was very lucky many do not. I have spent much time very ill sometimes bedridden and use an electric scooter to get about. I now manage myself by taking regular rests and pacing myself. I have on the whole been treated with great knidness by many people. But some people in my life have been unable to accept the new me. I have been told that they mourn the loss of the old person, and cannot adjust to the new. On rare occasions I have experienced extreme hostility especially in France when visiting relatives where people do not seem to be so accepting of disability.

My illness has taken many things away from me in my life, but it has also given me many new things. Maybe we should reflect not on what has gone but what develops. I am doing a BA in fine art and specializing in textile art. Yesterday was a proud moment for me as my work was exhibited at a local Museum. My interest in art has allowed me to experience many new and interesting things and meet all sorts of people. My philosophy in life is, it is possible to move a mountain with a teaspoon; it just takes time & patience.


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