Book 5 The Psychiatrist: [Will]

Psychiatrists are to be avoided at all costs. They are power-hungry paternalists who impose their view of normality on the rest of society. Although they have trained as doctors, most of what they do is based on dodgy pseudo-diagnoses, hiding behind an ever-shifting array of disorders, none of which seem to have any known cause or real treatment. Most other medical specialties look down on them as second class quacks. If they have any concern about you (perhaps you just make them feel anxious or freak them out) then they will section you at the drop of a hat and admit you to hospital to be pumped full of toxic drugs and jumped on by burly nurses. If they’re not doing that they pry into your private life and talk a load of psycho-babble at you.


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Human Books organiser & project manager
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One Response to Book 5 The Psychiatrist: [Will]

  1. Helen Moore says:

    Hi Katy, I did not attend the WOMAD Festival last year or speak with a human book, but I would like to say that after many years of my own phobias and prejudices about psychiatrists, I have personally met one who is open minded, thoughtful, spiritually oriented, and uses alternative methods in his treatments. Like all books – you can’t judge them by their covers!!

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