Book 6 African/Asian female academic: [Veronica]

Non academics may ask :
Academics – why would it be necessary to be an academic?
What do they think you can learn that life can’t teach you?
Look at celebrities and the likes of Alan Sugar, they’ve not needed a degree to do well
Academics are middle class snobs; elitists who think they are better than us.
Yet they live in a false world; we don’t need them. Why don’t they just get proper jobs that are useful?
My taxes have paid for their education; life at university is just one big party
And those foreigners take the places at university from our children.

Academics may quietly ask themselves:
Is she the assistant….technician…cleaner?

Anyway why would she need an education? After all that hot housing she’ll just be a subservient Asian wife and stay at home

Actually how did she get her education?  Black people don’t like to work hard – they are laid back and have no respect for society.

“We don’t need no education… we don’t need no thought control …..”
Pink Floyd (1979) Another Brick in the Wall


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