Book 1 Bi – Polar ex-addict [Sandi]

Bi – Polar;

Those BPs are terrible..Lithium sodden, drooling self-centred wierdos.. you never know what they’re going to be like… either climbing across the ceiling raving about something or other, and how this or that new scheme is really IT, or drooling and snotting all over you, threatening to top themselves and going into long diatribes about how they used to have a life and they might as well be dead…..

Recovering ex addict;

Grief…you sometimes wish they had overdosed or exploded their livers… always going on about how wonderful their lives are now that they’re clean and or sober… they watch every glass you have or bang on about how you should clean up… always asking you how much you drink, how often, how you should stop smoking spliff or whatever… like bloody evangelists…

Bi – Polar ex-addict;

The worst of both worlds!


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