We’re doing it again in 2011!

Great news! We are approved to do it all over again this summer (29th – 31st July 2011) at WOMAD

These are our confirmed book titles;

The Toff,  Music copyright enforcer, Rapid Cycle Bipolar, White Sikh convert, The confused feminist, Surviving Addict, Dyslexic Egyptology Student, Council tenant mum of 7, Alternative Historian, Psychiatrist, Human Trafficked to Sex Work – So what?!, Druid Counsellor, Fat alchy woman, The questioning Christian, Bellydancing doula, Hospice worker, Housewife and wanna-be novelist, Vegan, Mental health OT, Rapid Cycling Psychiatrist, Guyanese man, Artistic Spasser, Social Worker, Charity chugger, “Human Beings and Forgiveness” (rape victim), Usher Syndrome Type 2 sufferer, Mental Health Advocate, Cardigans & needles, Research Scientist (Chemistry), Diabetic Music Therapist, Bisexual Hybrid, Old (44) young (16) mum, Dyslexic Buddhist Psychiatric Nurse, Unmothered mother, World Citizen, Biking Agoraphobic, Disabled artist, NHS Complaints Handler, Lexicographer, Pharmacist AND Homeopath, Militant Shop Steward, Indian Easy-lifer. You can download the book descriptions here.

Here are some write-ups & reviews from last year. Get your thinking caps on & invite ‘suitable candidates’ to be living books.


Mentions in the press
Safe Concerts
This Festival Feeling
There is also the rather curious “Human Library”, where instead of books you have people from all across the globe discussing their lives. I don’t quite understand the whole library angle, but the idea behind it sounds fascinating.
Laura’s blog
The Epoch Times
Jim’s tweeting
A flickr pic
The Human Library project tours events, where volunteers act as “living books” to talk about coping with disability or prejudice. Lorna Prichard, 26, a journalist from Abergele, North Wales, was a living book at the Womad Festival in July. “I’ve got an extreme form of synesthesia – which means my senses are visualised all the time in vivid shapes and colours,” she said. “My book was called Synesthete and competed against Traffic Warden, Alternative Dyke, Multimedia Artist and Single Mother.”
Sorazo blog
A large children’s area provided some relief for parents and by far the weirdest thing was the Human Library. This library consisted of about 25 people each with their own specialist subjects. For a small fee, these people could be borrowed for either questioning or just to listen to their lectures! I’m not sure if there was a late return fee!!  [NB. NO fee!]


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