WOMAD 2013

The WOMAD Festival takes place from 25th – 28th July and is situated near Malmesbury at Charlton Park, Wiltshire. This year we will be taking a little twist from our Human Library events running over the past three years. We will be running a wider “World of Words” in the Arboretum, where our lovely yurts will host the People’s Parlour. Come along & see the amazing people we have on offer. Not only will there be an incongruous selection of people to chat to… a wide range of people to ‘borrow’ who have amazing stories to tell but also we will be hosting some of the best poetry & spoken words that the UK can provide.

Our poetry host, Liv Torc, will bring you an astonishing range of wordsmiths from her Hip Yak Poetry Shack. We hope to have fabulous Hollie McNish, the inimitable Muriel Lavender with her wonderful words of wisdom & naughtiness, a plethora of poets on the Poetry Plinth and The Bookshop Band, then some very special films from the Nomadic Picture House. Oh & don’t forget the Bagel Cafe next door.

The Peoples Parlour

The Peoples Parlour

Wonderful WOMAD

Wonderful WOMAD

Our yurts in the Arboretum

Our yurts in the Arboretum





'People' in the 'Parlour' (yurt!)

‘People’ in the ‘Parlour’ (yurt!)


About Katy Duke

Human Books organiser & project manager
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2 Responses to WOMAD 2013

  1. You can absolutely count me in again! Kaz (previous human book)

  2. Leena says:

    How can we apply to be involved as a book in 2014?

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