Human Books 2015

WOMAD 2015 is (was) on Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th July 2015. Human Books will again be held in the wider ‘World of Words’ in the Arboretum and we are in our fifth year! Formerly known as the People’s Parlour & the Human Library, we now have a new name for 2015. You can sign up to offer your services as a volunteer ‘living book’ here, but take a look around this website first & read the ‘About‘ page. You can also check out our facebook page and ask questions here. See the 2015 tab for the booklist & some photos.

WOMAD People's Parlour 4 copy
Book & reader

Book & reader

Choosing books

Choosing books

Librarians check the booking sheet

Librarians check the booking sheet


About Katy Duke

Human Books organiser & project manager
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3 Responses to Human Books 2015

  1. Richard Lee says:

    I’m trying to offer my services as a human book at WOMAD 2016, and I can’t get the application form to work. No matter how many times I click on the boxes, I can’t make the cursor appear. Is it me or is it the website? Richard

  2. Katy Duke says:

    Hi Richard, we’ve had many applicants so I think it might be your browser, can you try a different one? Katy

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