Here is the 2016 booklist!

Mexican teaching
Committed or commitable?
Sputnik in the Jungle Book
Marathon Man
Two mums, one gay dad
Eat, Pray, Love & Brain Injury
None-practicing cultural muslim
How to cope with absolutely anything
Asperger’s, what’s it all about?
It sort of looks like a hand
Asthmatic prisoner of missionaries
Buddhist on a Bike
Tango Argentina Fanatic
A view from the 5th Age
Sikh or Freak?
Once Upon A Time I Would Grow Old
Disabled my arse!
Beyond Boundaries
Film vs Family!
My son killed himself
How do you know I’m not a Psycho?
Dads at a Distance – Australia
Artistic Spazzer
Mixed Malaysian
Adult ADHD
Doing Stuff
Bouncing Back
Meet the Police Custody Suite Nurse
Borneo GP
Bi-polar Feminist
Return of the Serpent
Progressive Priest
The Meditating Channel Swimmer
War Zone