WOMAD 2016

What a great success!   41 Books had a total of 290 conversations over the two & a half days of WOMAD.

This is such a fantastic idea, an amazing experience! Amazing to feel so connected to someone that was a stranger minutes before. Thank you so much, we will be back again!

Very interesting & thought provoking experience. As immersive as a book! Thank you.

I found it so powerful to have such an easy introduction to someone I would not normally get a chance to meet – to hear her story and to be able to ask questions. Such a generous gesture – to share brave stories from difficult times and we laughed and I shared my thoughts too. Time for a cuppa & some reflection! Ali

Today has got me one step closer to doing rather than thinking.

I felt honoured to listen & question.

Thank you – a lovely project & one to stimulate conversation of the best kind.

Another novel experience at Womad thankyou – arbitrary collision of thoughts in conversation. Great. Lucy

Really Great. What a good idea – feel energised and engaged with.

Very good conversation with a really interesting person. Amazing concept. I really enjoyed the discussion. Please get in touch to tell me where you are again.

This was a really interesting story – so much better than Wikipedia!!

The story was fascinating and told with passion.

I will hope his advice affects my life as much as it has affected his.

A big THANKYOU to WOMAD for making this possible & being here. Max

Great to get rid of the barriers, would definitely read another book!

This human book thing is a marvelous idea! It should be at every festival and town centre.

Never judge a book by its cover.

Everyone was really welcoming and fun to chat with.

Simply Inspirational!

Wordle pic mashup




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Human Books organiser & project manager
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