How does it work?

Situated in the lovely World of Words area of the Arboretum at WOMAD you will find our Human Books. We have a selection of 42 humans, all of whom have encountered discrimination or some extraordinary situation in their lives.

You will be able to read a tantalising synopsis of their tale in our Booklist, check out when they are available and book them out with one of our expert Librarians. When your allocated borrowing period arrives you will be introduced to your human book and then you can choose where to converse. We have 3 beautiful furnished yurts available and beanbags dotted around in shade or sun.

You can chat about any aspect of the book and each session lasts 30 minutes. Oh & it’s all FREE. See this year’s booklist HERE.

There are 8 x 2 hour sessions during the festival, with 10 – 12 books normally available for each session. Come & see the whole timetable but note that we only take booking for the current or next session at any time (otherwise it gets booked up on Friday!).

choosing books

Choosing books

yurt chat 2yurt chatbeanbag chat

Wordle pic mashup


About Katy Duke

Human Books organiser & project manager
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