The Library was extremely popular with the press, though sadly we didn’t get the promised pic on the front of the Sunday Times!

We took a bit of time to wander around what is a gorgeous site well laid out and thoughtful in its construction. We found the Human Library which was quite busy (obviously a successful inclusion this year) so we didn’t have time to linger and take out a human book, plenty of folk obviously did though.
Safe Concerts review

There is also the rather curious “Human Library”, where instead of books you have people from all across the globe discussing their lives. I don’t quite understand the whole library angle, but the idea behind it sounds fascinating.
This Festival Feeling review

WOMAD maintains an evolving concept of how cultural understanding can be fostered, and this year brings many unique features.

  • Roots Architecture showcases architecture and building projects used worldwide in the humanitarian and aid sector, from emergency shelters to community development.
  • The Human Library is an interactive forum designed to promote dialogue, reduce prejudices and foster understanding.
  • The Epoch Times review

    To add to these stage performances there are plenty of other activities to keep everyone busy and entertained. The Human Library, Roots Architecture Workshops, Taste the World, The Global Market and more.
    BBC Wilts review

    Laura’s blog (The ‘Girl IT Geek”)

    Ubuntu UK podcast

    We talk about about what we’ve been doing including eating flapjack, graphing power usage with a CurrentCost, reducing power usage, upgrading a Viglen MPC-L to Lucid, updating an old bug on Launchpad, playing with an iPad, going into the big blue room, drinking coffee, checking into the human library at WOMAD (July 8th)

    General description


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